Rodante Smith, a Visionary Artist from Humble Beginnings 

Rodante Smith epitomizes the American dream. From humble beginnings in the Philippines, he funded his education by selling candy and recycling bottles. Transitioning from Qatar Airways to the U.S., despite challenges post-9/11, he pursued education at LASC Community College and The Paul Mitchell School.

Thriving at Giuseppe Franco Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, Rodante became the go-to men's hairstylist for stars like Apolo Ohno, Sylvester Stallone, and Charlie Puth. In 2017, he introduced Rodante Beverly Hills hair care, prioritizing premium-quality styling with natural ingredients and now available at Amazon and  Rodantestyles.com

In February 2020, amidst surviving the pandemic, Rodante realized his dream with Rodante On Rodeo. This high-end, full-service Men's Hair Salon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles redefines grooming luxury. Specializing in modern men's hairstyles, Rodante guarantees the best men's haircuts, offering precision styling for discerning gentlemen. Book an appointment and experience the pinnacle of men's hairstyling sophistication!

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